About Us


We at Sonik Products Ltd are a London (U.K.) based global distributor. We have been specialising in import and export within the European, Asian and African market since 1996. Our past experience in retail has provided us with a valuable insight and knowledge into consumer needs and demands within the beauty sector.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide our clients with a wide range of quality skin care and hair care products, we also aim to provide our customers with a quick and a reliable service. Our personal objective is to continuously research & develop and innovate new products according to market trends and market needs.

With the help of our past retail experience and our extensive customer research, we have been able to develop and introduce our own well-defined brands, such as:

• 1st Lady (wigs, hair extensions & hair accessories)
• Chear Acne (skin care)
• Chear (skin care)
• Chear Weft collection (hair extensions)
• Choice & Joyces (hair accessories)
• Elysee Star (wigs, hair extensions & hair accessories)
• First Lady (skin lightening)
• First Lady Bright Express (skin lightening)
• First Lady GLUTAWHITE (skin lightening)
• Keisha Cosmetics (skin lightening)
• P+50 Organics (hair & skin oils)
• P+50 (skin care)
• Roxanna Paris (skin lightening)
• Sonik Performance (hair & skin oils)
• African Tribe (skin care)

With the fantastic relationship we have with loyal manufacturers we officially distribute Original brands exclusively in the UK such as:  Diana, Clairissime, DH7, Niuma, Nutriclair, Topiclear, Beldam, HT26, Nohooh and many more.